Le Peloton #28 and how to spend a friday evening

I’ve got friends who can convince me easily, Christoffer is one. A customer and rider in CK Valhall’s elite team who is a nice guy that has started to ride Le Peloton sometimes. He asked me yesterday if I would ride today. My plan was to ride mtb with Jaime and Patrik but an hour of full speed and pain felt like a better preparation for sundays Lida Loop and when Kalle who owns bikecafé Le Mond asked too it was decided.

Borrowed the Roubaix S-Works Red Disc at work and put the alarm early. Rode and met up with this big group:


Me closest on the bottom fixing with my phone for the picture above 😉

Felt ok in the beginning and up to Fisksätra. Tried to be in a good position up the climb when we came back to Saltsjö-Duvnäs and to the roundabout in Ektorp. Then up to Nacka Forum I got impressed. The peloton was pushing, was floating like an engine. No thoughts of slowing down, just pushing. That feeling when it just pushes made me smile.

Good position through Sickla and then another hard part starts up to Hellas. Lost a couple of meters in the beginning but Christoffer came up and pushed me back on wheel before he continued forward, thanks 🙂 But after Hästhagen going over red I felt I just couldn’t go any harder no matter how. Got dropped!

Felt like shit and rode alone to Älta, just 34,7km/h in average Sickla-Älta instead of 41 before a second group that got dropped earlier caught me. Rode with them and caught 3-4 others before Flaten. Tried to work together to minimise losses and it was hard.

Ended with my 2nd best time on the long segment on Strava, 37,7km/h in average which I have to be happy with. A thing to notice is that after the sprint in Fisksätra it goes easy for a kilometer but still so high average. 😉

To Le Mond and got breakfast from this guy, Kalle:

Nice time in the sun chatting 🙂 Map and stats: Movescount

Me and the bike:

Then some time in the sun outside work with an espresso and one of our new neighbours AG Trading (POC, Fizik and so) 🙂

A lot to do at work and while not riding any mtb, neither did Jaime or Patrik it was talking about that half day. Patrik had talked about showing his hoods Gömmarn. Jaime and Jessica went to Hellas after work while me and Patrik did pick up my bike and went to his place to ride some new trails for me.

Found a mirror that was for preride selfies so took one 😉

And then out in the forest and hit the rocks and roots. And roots and rocks and rocks, and roots and more roots, and big roots and big rocks, and some mudholes. Then we climbed, climbed and climbed up tricky places. It was pure madness, pure technic and an awesome after work 😉 Impressive how Patrik can ride fast with so much roots and rocks all over ruining everything where you can imagine about flow. Took a ”serious” picture of us too with the track behind:

Then I rode home and felt that I wouldn’t touch a bike for the rest of the day. Hard but fun in the sun with great friends 🙂 Only the Holy Spirit can beat that 🙂

Map and stats from the evening: Movescount


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