Le Peloton #82

a new Wednesday, a new Peloton ride. As my Tarmac was at work I started the day on my Diverge commuting to work and changed bike (and helmet). Seatposition is very much the same, 50 ring in front on both and 11-28 cassette, discs on both. Shimano on the Diverge and Sram on the Tarmac. 38cm handlebar measured at the hoods on my tarmac and 40cm on the Diverge, same in the drops. Specialized S-Works Toupe saddle on both but different modelyear.

Very easy to compare and so I did on the 589m from work to Urban Deli. I want an Oval 50t ring on my Tarmac! Easy to feel the difference and with AbsoluteBLACK oval rings on my Diverge I felt stronger.

But with these I needed a faster bike:


Some faster than others and I’m somewhere in the middle. Not fast enough to go with the best but good enough to try, get dropped and be able to ride in the 2nd group. And being in front at both times. Today I sat to far back on the way up to Fisksätra and then I lost a lot up from Saltsjö-Duvnäs but caught the others at a redlight.

Wasn’t able to go with Jonas and Michael up from Hästhagen and ended up in the 2nd group which was okey today. 36,7km/h average and best time for me for 2016. It goes forward and it’s awesome trainng 🙂

Great recovery at Le Mond afterwards:


But as people says, cycling has its backsides, it was raining a bit at the end today and my bike looked like shit:


Not nice to what can be the best bike in the world, at least if you ask me. Love disc brakes.

Ended up with a group picture of my fast bikes too, so alike but still so different:


Map and stats of the Peloton ride: Strava



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