CX Svelvik

They changed a lot on the course since last year which made me really happy. Had a couple of rocky/rooty sections but much better in all ways. Started after M15-16, Women Senior, Men junior with 5 others. Nice people so smiles on the startline. Almost missed the start but starting last I didn’t loose any time. Geared a couple of gears fast and then I dropped my chain.

Put the chain on and I was last. Chased and dropped the chain in total 3 times more. Gearing to fast on bumpy terrain with a chainring without wide/narrow teeths and without steerer wasn’t so good. Chased a lot on the first lap and caught some people but went a bit to hard so after 1st lap I wasn’t so good anymore and had to slow down.

Chased in a pace I could hold and got some backpain, understandable when racing hard without training ;) Was pretty funny at least and except the chain my bike worked perfect. The Awesome sticker on the top tube really tells the truth :D

Ended 3rd which resulted in podium and some flowers ;)


Photo by Jon Even Corneliusen

And then it was men elite, 59 riders so a lot of people on track at the same time. Record on CX in Norway I think. Fun to see the sport grow.

Top 10:

1. Fredrik Haraldseth – Bærum OCK

2. Morten Vaeng – Drammen CK

3. Kristoffer Sommer Wormsen – Ringerike SK

4. Johan Nystrand – Svanesunds GIF

Women elite:

1. Jeanette Persson – Skullerud SpKl Sykkel

2. Katrine Ferrao Hofstad – IK Hero Sykkel

3. Tiril Hole Mohr – IK Hero Sykkel

prepared for the weekend

Are you?

I’ve checked my CX, hanged it in a scale, washed it and put the handlebar in perfect position for tomorrows race. So the 6,73kg beauty stands here shining :)

Found some nice podcasts too to listen too, Swedish MTB-Podden. Soft to just lay in the sofa and listening to interviews with interesting people.

Tomorrow I will race CX in Svelvik at the Norwegian CX Cup opening round with 4 others in the sports class. Elite class with 59 men and 5 women, pretty impressive men’s field of such a new sport in this country. Looks like I will race before the rain comes too ;)

If you don’t like CX and just dreams about nice riding and alps you should watch this highlights from Perskindol Swiss Epic:

When Sram XX1 is too heavy:

Sram XX1 crankset is pretty light, with my 104mm Cannondale Hollowgram spindle, spacers for it and a 38t chainring like this:

But racing CX without training on with a 12-25 cassette and just a 38t in front is a bit too hard for me. Last year I rode 36t on the same course as I’m racing on on saturday. A 36t made by Experimental Prototype and a chainguide he also made. Still got the parts but chainguide feels so 2013.

But I don’t have a 36t with wide/narrow chainrings or teeths high enough for riding without a chainguide. So this year riding in sportsclass I went down to 34t. 34t X-Monoring from Carbon-Ti on my Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crankset. Hoped to save some weight too but not as much as I did ;)

up and away CX riding

Too bad to call it training so was out riding my CX today. Fine tuned the handlebar angle and really thinking of changing crankset/chainring. 38t with a 12-25 cassette and bad legs isn’t a good combo with climbs. rode a lot on 38-25 today up to points like this:

And it is cold so had to put on a lot of clothes:

Was up at Teieskogen on the island here outside Tønsberg and checked some running/cycling/walking tracks. Pretty nice place for cx. Tønsberg is really good for CX, many good places, much better than Bergen was for that.

Here I rode today: Movescount

Think I will change crank tomorrow, hopefully with some weightsaving too ;)