SuperX 14/15

changed body and glued tires yesterday. found a golden chain and pedals that I mounted today. Adjusted gears and brakes and now the raceCX is finished. Pretty happy with the result:

Black is so gone so color it is :)


frameset: Cannondale SuperX

headset: FSA with a low PRO top, special carbon wireholder and 10mm Reset Racing spacer

topcap/expander: Extralite Ultrastar and Hypercap

seatpost: KCNC Ti Pro-Lite

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0

handlebar: Deda Newton Shallow

bartape: Fi’zi:k white

levers: Campagnolo Chorus 1×11

brakes: Avid Shorty Ultimate, soon with yellow Swiss Stop brakepads

crankset: Sram XX1 BB30 with a shorter spindle and GXP spider, 145mm Q-factor

chainring: Sram XX1 38t

pedals: Crank Brothers Eggbeater 4Ti

chain: KMC X11SL gold

cassette: Campagnolo Chorus 12-25

rear derailleur: Campagnolo Chorus

wire/housing: Shimano Dura-Ace with Sram endcaps

wheels: Tune Mig70/Mag180 hubs with 40mm Chinarims and some cheap spokes

QR: Tune DC 16/17

tires: Challenge Grifo 34

weight: ? guess. Will check tomorrow

A really awesome Superbike that will be great for me this season too :) After I fixed one thing, didn’t have screws to hold the brakepads and didn’t thought it was necessary, but seems like it was, short training today:

So my racing season this year if everything goes as planned looks like:

11th october in Svelvik, Norway

12th october in Drammen, Norway

18th october by Grenland, Norway

19th october in Bærum, Norway

2nd november watching the Norwegian Championships in Tønsberg, Norway (where the first picture was taken)

15th november watching the Swedish Championships in Gothenburg

16th november in Gothenburg, Sweden

Back at Vardås

Was a long time now since I was at Vardås and rode the nice trails that is there. Never been there for real with my Remedy for example. To the tops like this today:

First one with a nice downhill from there. Some technical parts but mostly pretty easy, great to start with. Then a long singletrack around the hole hill ending in wrong place so had to ride some extra on the asphalt. Up the normal road afterwards, a rode with a Strava segment I always thought of going all in on. Had the confidence today and went hard, no heart rate belt but you can feel when the heart rate passes 190 and all you taste is blood. Started a bit to hard, took it a bit easy in the middle and when I saw the end I geared up and stood on the pedals. Really hard but and blood doesn’t taste good. But great effort and 3rd overall on Strava.

Then a couple of downhills that didn’t went good at all I felt, felt a bit slow and sketchy. But PR on Strava so didn’t do everything wrong. On the top of Vardås Fort a bit resting and getting some good taste in my mouth instead of blood:

Riding away from that hill it was pretty wet and muddy but flat so okey. Failed a bit on a uphill and before coming to the start of a really nice Strava Segment I flew over my handlebar :( Not a big crash so tried to be a bit fast on a segment. No flow and ended with 2min when my PR is on 1.45min on a Trek Slash 7. But a rockgarden was really nice on the Remedy. On a normal bike it sucks, on a Slash you just go over and doesn’t care, on my Remedy I found a great line and it went great. Remedy is good for getting good lines, Slash is fast ;)

Down Supermans flow that Strava missed I felt pretty fast and was great fun :)

Went back home on asphalt, not as fun to ride alone as riding with friends. Last time I rode there we where 4 discussing lines, beating records and had a really great time :)

Map and stats from today: Movescount

Swedish, Swiss or Norwegian trailriding?

In Sweden they are building som great trails in Falun like this:

In Switzerland there is a new Epic Stage Race starting on monday with riders like Nino Schurter, Nathalie Schneitter and Annika Langvad. 6 days with big mountains and sweet trails :)

Ending with a longer video from a pretty technical trail in Arendal, Norway:

WW ftw!

Cyclists says sometimes that a gram more or less doesn’t matter. There are a group that doesn’t agree at all, Weightweenies. The group that got their own forum that includes at least to pro cyclists. One of them is the Swiss CX racer Simon Zahner that was leading Cross Vegas for a while.

The other one is racing the Vuelta at the moment and is more famous. Adam Hansen. If you don’t know who it is then you should the replay of today stage. Adam Hansen won!!!!


So much ww that he makes his own shoes. Superlight of course. Awesome that he won, but I missed it, will see the highlights tonight.

Can also recommend todays stage of Tour of Britian :)

Cross Vegas

Early morning today, sat the alarm on 5.15 to reach the womens race but to tired to go up until the mens race 6.30. So all I know from the womens race was that it was good and for the first time in American CX 1 rider manages to beat both Katerina Nash and Katie Compton in a race, Meredith Miller won today with her new team:

Skärmavbild 2014-09-11 kl. 07.50

The men’s race was together mostly with some different riders in the front. When two laps to go Sven Nys came and showed to race CX in Vegas ;) Lars van der Haar second and Jeremy Powers third:

Skärmavbild 2014-09-11 kl. 07.55